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          1. 400-867-2009

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            reference was made to Aricle 1 引用第一条

            regarding claim 2 as not being supported by 关于权利要求2不被…支持

            first please refer to claim 2 which state 先参照权利要求 2,其表明

            the point of this discussion is that 此次讨论的要点是….

            regarding something , please refer to … 关于…请参考

            for claim 1, I would suggest adding… 建议在权利要求1加入

            the question is must we add st.in sb 问题是我们必须在…中加入…

            the reason we prefer to … 我们提到的理由

            to avoide narrowing or wilding claim 1 避免缩小或扩大权利要求1

            so that the infringer would only have to 侵权者只须

            Would you please advise how we can process in this question 请指示我们怎样处理该问题

            to optimize our protection for the application 使对申请的?;ず侠?/p>

            claim1 was refected as being predictable 可以预料权利要求1可以恢复

            on the basic of document1 在文件1的基础上,基于文件1

            common sense, known technical solution 公知,已知的技术方案

            please note none of these teachings in D1 请注意在对比文件1中没有该提示

            even remotely suggest that 即使间接的建议

            enable st shape to vary as a function of position 使某物的形状作为位置函数变化

            thereby providing a st. 因此,提供一个…

            this is particular relevant to D1 which teach us st. 这一点与对比文件尤其相关,它告诉我们…

            vague generalized discussion in D1 含混的,泛泛的讨论

            the difference over D1 is quite clear and while 相对于D1的不同是很明显的

            claim 1 is rejected on the basis that 根据…驳回权利要求1

            additional features don’t work to resolve question 附加的特征也不能解决问题

            over D1 in view of D2 对比D1并结合D2

            claimed subject matter 要求?;さ闹魈?/p>

            claimed features 要求?;さ奶卣?/p>

            none of the prior art of record anticipates … 记录在案的现有技术并没有预见到…

            clain 1and 2 have noveity under PCT Article 33(2) respectively 根据33条第二款权利要求都具有新颖性

            may not go beyond the scope of the disclosure contained 不得超出原说明书和权利要求书的范围

            in the initial specification and clainms

            content of the application as originally filed 原始申请的内容

            take the view of (that) 采取…观点

            fall under (doing business ) 落入(商业方法)

            subject matter claimed 要求?;さ闹魈?/p>

            technical contribution to the state of the art 对现有技术的贡献

            the protection sought should be indicated 要求?;さ哪谌萦Φ痹谌ɡ笾?

            in the claims by technical features 利用技术特征来表示

            to delimite (defined) the scope of protection 限定了?;し段?/p>

            to enlarge the scope of protection 扩大了?;し段?/p>

            to narrow the scope of protection 缩小了?;し段?/p>

            to be fulfill the requirment of clarity 满足清晰的要求

            claim to a product 产品权利要求

            claim to a method 方法权利要求

            omnibus claims 多项权利要求

            reference signs 标号

            essential features (all features which were necessary for solving the techical problem with which the application was concerned had to be regarded as essential features ) 必要技术特征(解决与申请相关的技术问题必须的所有的技术特征)


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