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          1. 400-867-2009

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            领事裁判权 : consular jurisdiction.

            (准)对人管辖权:(quasic)jurisdiction in personam

            (准)对物管辖权:(quasic)jurisdiction in rem

            属人管辖权 :personal jurisdiction

            属地管辖权:territorial jurisdiction

            由于各国对管辖权规定的不同,便很容易引起 Selection of court 选择法庭的现象。



            (4)诉讼代理人:agents ad litem


            burden of proof 举证责任—-证明责任。

            evidence-finding 取证

            Burden of proof in reverse 举证责任倒置

            documentary evidence书证

            material evidence物证:

            (6)视听资料:audio-visual material

            (7)证人证言:testimony of witnesses

            (8)当事人陈述:statements of the parties

            (9)鉴定结论:expert conclusions

            (10)勘验笔录:records of inspection

            (11) 诉讼时效 :Limitation of action

            (12)期间:time periods



            (15)财产保全;property preservation

            (16)先予执行:advance execution

            (17) 强制措施:compulsory measures

            specific performance 特定履行,强制执行

            (18)诉讼费用:litigation costs/fees

            (19)执行措施:execution measures

            (20)执行中止和终结:suspension and termination of execution

            (21)案由/诉由:cause of action

            (22)诉讼请求:the claims

            (23)争议的事实和理由:cause or causes of the dispute

            (24)审判人员:judicial officers

            (25)书记员:court clerk

            (26)立案:docket/file a case

            (27)组成合议庭开庭审理:form a collegial panel to conduct the trial

            (28)上诉期间:the time limit for filing an appeal

            (29)上诉的法院:the appellate court

            (30)判决、裁定:judgments and written orders

            (31)不服一审判决:refuse to accept the first-instance judgment

            (32)发生法律效力的:legally effective

            (33)起诉状:a statement of complaint

            (34)上诉状:the appeal petition

            (35)答辩状:the defence/answer

            (36)裁定撤销原判决:make a written order to set aside the judgment

            (37)发回原审人民法院重审;remand the case to the original people’s court for retrial

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